Well, That Was Fun.

Ladies, laides, I know V-Day weekend may be over which is sad but the good news is we can all return to our regularly scheduled programming and stop trying to maintain the sexy. You're welcome.

Or maybe your BFF got dumped and just needs a little reminder of life's priorities. You can give her that with this brand spankin' new addition to the shop. Also, some sassy mommy notes and other random stuff fresh from the mind of yours truly is available to buy right meow!

Shop here, Etsy, or at Tender Loving Empire on Hawthorne in PDX, orrr at Paperjam Press on Fremont. Sooo many optionssss.

Happy gifting!


xoxo, K.W.

Love is In the Air!

Hola amigos! January is among us and so is the ridiculous day in which we have a very valid reason to give/receive way too much chocolate and spend $4 on silly cards while enthusiastically over-wearing the colors red and pink (dear god please not in the same outfit)...

Yes, you guessed it. It's nearly Valentine's Day, folks. Cupid has bit my ass early this year and as a result there are now some festive cards up in the shop! The New Year brought brand new ish, some cute new font, fancy felted paper made of 100% post-consumer fiber AND some equally as fancy recycled kraft envelopes.

*cue portland-earth-muffin applause*

Do stay tuned, however, for some exciting updates in a few weeks. Soon, very soon, you may be able to shop these paper goodies in local PDX stores! Ahhh! In the meantime lovebirds, get to snappin' up those Valentine's here because there are only a few of each left (the rest I plan to pedal on the street somewhere).

xoxo, K.W.

Happy Holla Dayze!

So Thanksgiving came and went like, holy crap, did I even get to enjoy the turkey? Nope, probably not. But in other news, I officially worked my LAST ever day in retail on Black Friday, which, okay, working in general on Black Friday wasn't ideal but now I'm a free woman! To celebrate, I held a giveaway via instagram - see, pays to follow us there! - for these swift little holiday cards cause it just felt like Christmas up in here, people!

Congrats to Jaida, Sarah, Michelle, and Kelsey for grabbing these adorable boxed card sets fo' free! Get to addressin' ladies!

Now, Christmas is actually only 17 days away and not only am I totally behind on gift shopping, I'm also super busy trying to finalize designs for 2015! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST 2015. Get ready for a whole new look, new fonts, phrases, cute little graphics, maybe even new products - notebooks perhaps?! While seeking advice on how to be successful in this creative start-up biz, Emily from Hartland Brooklyn - who's stuff I adore - told me to "just make what you love" so that's what I hope to keep doing in 2015!

xoxo, K.W.

'Tis the Season.

Ugh, already?! It's officially "Holiday Season" and in the retail world that means the start of Quarter 4, a.k.a "Hell Season". But we won't dwell on that here. Unlike the mall, the glorious internet doesn't harbor angry mobs of people...maybe they're just angry in the comfort of their own homes whilst clicking away...but that's none of my business. Whatcha can't see won't hurt ya!

So, now that it's officially okay to put up holiday related decor and chilly enough for warm coffees in red cups I figured it's now also officially okay to get some holiday related designs up here.

BEHOLD: #alltheturkeypuns.

Thanksgiving is now just 23 days away - if I can count correctly - so that means you have about half that time (friendly guess) to get these puppies sent to you, addressed, and sent back out to all your favorite little turkeys. If you'd like a mixed set of holiday cards or even just a larger bundle of a specific one, shoot me an email at info@witandglory.com and we can chat specifics.

Also, those cheeky Halloween cards are now on sale so you can stock up for next year. Only a few left of each so get at 'em while you can!


Cheers to a kick ass Q4!

xoxo, K.W.

Dia de Las Tarjetas.....

That was the 1/4 Hispanic in me talking. Woops.


What I meant is that today's the day for newness!

Three new cards up in the shop, just in time for Halloween - as I so eloquently over-mention in each of their little bio's. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, maybe because it also happens to be my cute sister's birthday and as children we were surrounded by an overload of decorations and extra excitement in celebration of her. Or maybe it's because I had a secret desire to be a witch as a child. Like, we're talking full blown witchy costumes prior to and after Halloween complete with brewing pots and spell books from Barnes & Noble...yes those are a thing. I was cool, what can I say? All I know now is that I still have a love for the color black and maybe sometimes wish that I remembered those spells to put bad drivers in their place...

Well. Enough about me. These new buddies are the perfect snail-mail gift for any of your friends! Place an order by Friday and I can have them out to you by early next week - ya, you guessed it - JUST in time for Halloween (: They're also available in packs of multiples. Still working out the specifics of that but, if you'd like to order a variety pack of the Halloween cards, just shoot an email to info@witandglory.com and we can make it happen for you!


Happy gifting!

xoxo, K.W.

Am I Doing it Right?

It's the first day of fall!!!! Excuse me while I bask in my basic-white-girl-ness and enjoy the ever living shit out of today.




K. Done.

Anywho, it's been a minute since my first post here. I've been a busy bee trying to get these designs ready to go! Exciting news, however: I'm meeting with a letterpress guru on Friday to get things rolling and the timing couldn't be better. With the stress of my "real job" and just life in general, it's been a rough few months for my little mind so I'm very excited to finally be doing something that I actually enjoy - even if it's just my side-chick for the time being. My only hope is that you guys enjoy it, too, so that someday - maybe someday - I might be able to leave my "real job" behind.

Lots of ideas running through my head for future products, prints, puns, possibilities, other things that might start with p's that I haven't had enough coffee yet to think of...where was I going? Oh yeah. It's the first day of my favorite season and I'm more inspired than ever to start this thing. Is it Friday, yet?

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." - F. Scott Fitzgerald


Stay tuned!

xoxo, K.W.

Sup Gurrrl...

Well, well well. Here we are. About to start my favorite season of the year and I just felt way too inspired by windy trees and crispy nights not to act on something I've been wanting to pursue for awhile now. Sharing laughter is one of my most favorite activities - and the most important one of the day at that - besides maybe drinking water. Or peeing. Probably peeing.


I really wanted to create something that I could share with all of my favorite people - and their favorite people - in the most random way possible that could potentially brighten their day. I mean, who doesn't love a good food pun out of nowhere when things get sour? (see what I did there...) The point is, I believe we should feel free to live life uncensored and this is just one small way for me to inch closer to that reality.

Currently, all folded cards you see posted here are just peeks, but available to pre-order if you so desire. This is fresh, people! They have yet to be printed so don't mind the sorry excuse for "photos" of the "items" (a.k.a glorified screenshots of working documents.) Once this gets rolling and I receive an order or two (or three) I'll be printing away and getting some real life examples of the polished designs up here to look at!

In the meantime, be sure to follow @witandglory on Instagram for a creepy/awesome look inside my personal life and some peeks at what's to come for this little venture.


Tell yo friends, tell yo wife, we comin' soon to share #allthefeels with y'all.



xoxo, K.W.