Dia de Las Tarjetas.....

That was the 1/4 Hispanic in me talking. Woops.


What I meant is that today's the day for newness!

Three new cards up in the shop, just in time for Halloween - as I so eloquently over-mention in each of their little bio's. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, maybe because it also happens to be my cute sister's birthday and as children we were surrounded by an overload of decorations and extra excitement in celebration of her. Or maybe it's because I had a secret desire to be a witch as a child. Like, we're talking full blown witchy costumes prior to and after Halloween complete with brewing pots and spell books from Barnes & Noble...yes those are a thing. I was cool, what can I say? All I know now is that I still have a love for the color black and maybe sometimes wish that I remembered those spells to put bad drivers in their place...

Well. Enough about me. These new buddies are the perfect snail-mail gift for any of your friends! Place an order by Friday and I can have them out to you by early next week - ya, you guessed it - JUST in time for Halloween (: They're also available in packs of multiples. Still working out the specifics of that but, if you'd like to order a variety pack of the Halloween cards, just shoot an email to info@witandglory.com and we can make it happen for you!


Happy gifting!

xoxo, K.W.