'Tis the Season.

Ugh, already?! It's officially "Holiday Season" and in the retail world that means the start of Quarter 4, a.k.a "Hell Season". But we won't dwell on that here. Unlike the mall, the glorious internet doesn't harbor angry mobs of people...maybe they're just angry in the comfort of their own homes whilst clicking away...but that's none of my business. Whatcha can't see won't hurt ya!

So, now that it's officially okay to put up holiday related decor and chilly enough for warm coffees in red cups I figured it's now also officially okay to get some holiday related designs up here.

BEHOLD: #alltheturkeypuns.

Thanksgiving is now just 23 days away - if I can count correctly - so that means you have about half that time (friendly guess) to get these puppies sent to you, addressed, and sent back out to all your favorite little turkeys. If you'd like a mixed set of holiday cards or even just a larger bundle of a specific one, shoot me an email at info@witandglory.com and we can chat specifics.

Also, those cheeky Halloween cards are now on sale so you can stock up for next year. Only a few left of each so get at 'em while you can!


Cheers to a kick ass Q4!

xoxo, K.W.