Happy Holla Dayze!

So Thanksgiving came and went like, holy crap, did I even get to enjoy the turkey? Nope, probably not. But in other news, I officially worked my LAST ever day in retail on Black Friday, which, okay, working in general on Black Friday wasn't ideal but now I'm a free woman! To celebrate, I held a giveaway via instagram - see, pays to follow us there! - for these swift little holiday cards cause it just felt like Christmas up in here, people!

Congrats to Jaida, Sarah, Michelle, and Kelsey for grabbing these adorable boxed card sets fo' free! Get to addressin' ladies!

Now, Christmas is actually only 17 days away and not only am I totally behind on gift shopping, I'm also super busy trying to finalize designs for 2015! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST 2015. Get ready for a whole new look, new fonts, phrases, cute little graphics, maybe even new products - notebooks perhaps?! While seeking advice on how to be successful in this creative start-up biz, Emily from Hartland Brooklyn - who's stuff I adore - told me to "just make what you love" so that's what I hope to keep doing in 2015!

xoxo, K.W.