Sup Gurrrl...

Well, well well. Here we are. About to start my favorite season of the year and I just felt way too inspired by windy trees and crispy nights not to act on something I've been wanting to pursue for awhile now. Sharing laughter is one of my most favorite activities - and the most important one of the day at that - besides maybe drinking water. Or peeing. Probably peeing.


I really wanted to create something that I could share with all of my favorite people - and their favorite people - in the most random way possible that could potentially brighten their day. I mean, who doesn't love a good food pun out of nowhere when things get sour? (see what I did there...) The point is, I believe we should feel free to live life uncensored and this is just one small way for me to inch closer to that reality.

Currently, all folded cards you see posted here are just peeks, but available to pre-order if you so desire. This is fresh, people! They have yet to be printed so don't mind the sorry excuse for "photos" of the "items" (a.k.a glorified screenshots of working documents.) Once this gets rolling and I receive an order or two (or three) I'll be printing away and getting some real life examples of the polished designs up here to look at!

In the meantime, be sure to follow @witandglory on Instagram for a creepy/awesome look inside my personal life and some peeks at what's to come for this little venture.


Tell yo friends, tell yo wife, we comin' soon to share #allthefeels with y'all.



xoxo, K.W.