Love is In the Air!

Hola amigos! January is among us and so is the ridiculous day in which we have a very valid reason to give/receive way too much chocolate and spend $4 on silly cards while enthusiastically over-wearing the colors red and pink (dear god please not in the same outfit)...

Yes, you guessed it. It's nearly Valentine's Day, folks. Cupid has bit my ass early this year and as a result there are now some festive cards up in the shop! The New Year brought brand new ish, some cute new font, fancy felted paper made of 100% post-consumer fiber AND some equally as fancy recycled kraft envelopes.

*cue portland-earth-muffin applause*

Do stay tuned, however, for some exciting updates in a few weeks. Soon, very soon, you may be able to shop these paper goodies in local PDX stores! Ahhh! In the meantime lovebirds, get to snappin' up those Valentine's here because there are only a few of each left (the rest I plan to pedal on the street somewhere).

xoxo, K.W.